July 18, 2014

Psycho Oculus?

Alright first official post, or second if you want to be real technical. I am going to do a review on a book that I finished two days ago as well as a movie that I just watched. Should be absolutely no spoilers as I dislike when people spoil things for me. These are my own honest opinions, I am not being sponsored or paid in anyway. [obviously who would sponsor me to do anything.. no one that's for sure haha]

Anyway! On to the reviews.

Book - Psycho by Babe Walker

As written on the Amazon website the description says this -
"Fresh from a four-month stint in rehab for her “alleged” shopping addiction, Babe Walker returns home to Bel Air ten pounds lighter (thanks to a stomach virus), having made amends (she told a counselor with bad skin she was smart) and confronted her past (after meeting her birth mother for the first time—a fashion model turned farmer lesbian). Although delighted to be home and determined to maintain her hard-won inner peace, Babe now faces a host of outside forces seemingly intent on derailing her path to positive change. Not only is she being trailed by an anonymous stalker, but she’s also reunited with the love of her life, a relationship that she cannot seem to stop self-sabotaging.
Babe’s newfound spirituality, coupled with her faith in the universe and its messages, leads her all over the world: shoulder dancing in Paris, tripping out in Amsterdam, and hooking up in the Mediterranean, only to land her back in New York City, forced to choose between a man who is perfect in every way (except for one small detail) and a man who could be The One if only he didn’t drive Babe to utter insanity."

Now I had high hopes for this book, I saw it on Ashley Benson's instagram for the first time about a week ago and as you can see her quote is seen on the front of the book. When I started to look into it all I heard was how great this book was. Mind you every single quote was from some celebrities. I didn't start seeing anything bad about this book until after I finished it and signed onto my goodreads account to make a review.

So what did I think? Terrible, it was just terrible. I don't suggest it to anyone. Yah I know a bit harsh. But Karleigh you finished the book so it mustn't have been that bad. WRONG. It was terrible, absolutely terrible. Once I start reading something I don't usually put it down until I finish it, that has only happened once recently and that was with Divergent. Which I plan on picking up again. Anyway back to psychos - I felt that the book was judging me the entire time. I'm sure that is a problem on my end but still I didn't enjoy that. What do I mean by that? While through the whole book they talk about how you can basically live off juicing because who needs food? There was fat shunning and just all around high society air headed behaviour. I feel that if you don't live in LA or are obsessed with Hollywood and celebrities you don't understand what is going on half the time. There was a lot of big name drops from celebrities to fashion labels. I felt lost half the time when she was going on rants about some fashion with some celebrity about some coffee drink. There was a twist at the end which was erm.. okay I guess I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. Now on that note I am not saying don't read it, go for it, eat your heart out. I just don't suggest you waste your time.. That's all :)

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Movie - Oculus

Don't like scary movies, turn back now!

As the description on IMDB say -
"A woman tries to exonerate her brother, who was convicted of murder, by proving that the crime was committed by a supernatural phenomenon. You see what it wants you to see."

I have a problem when I find a horror movie, I HAVE to watch it, no matter how scared it makes me. This isn't always the best thing considering I have an overactive imagination and tend to be up all night after watching something scary. I seriously can't help it though, I have days where I will just sit there and watch horror movies after horror movies. It's a problem I should probably seek help. 
This movie was amazing. I highly suggest everyone watch it. I was crapping myself the entire time. I am an extra jumpy person so that didn't help at all. I felt that I was covering my eyes the entire time and jumping every five seconds. Sometimes I was trying to understand what was happening [probably because I covered my eyes during an important part], I just suggest you remember the tagline for this movie as it plays a big part. You see what it wants you to see. So not only was this movie just completely excellent, but one of the main actresses is Karen Gillan, and if you don't know who that is you haven't experienced the amazingness that is Doctor Who. Karen played Aimee one of the Doctor's companions. 

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Hopefully I didn't give too much away about the stories in both the book and the movie. If you have read/seen either of these let me know what you thought! In the meantime I hope everyone is having an excellent day/night! 

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