January 19, 2015

Book Depository

So I have come across an amazing site that sells books up to 30% off. Now here is why I find this site to be absolutely amazing, they ship everything world wide for FREE.

As someone who is from Canada, I know the terrible reality that is shipping and handling fees. For some reason Canada post charges way too much to have things shipped to anyone in Canada. So when I saw that I could by my books not only for a cheaper price but also have my shipping for free, I didn't even think twice. This site is where I purchased Ink and Rain by Amanda Sun. They both came in LESS then a week [which is amazing since they ship from the UK] and were in PERFECT condition.

I am lucky enough to be Affiliated with Book Depository!

Click below if you are interested in checking out the site!

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

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  1. Awesome site! Thanks so much for posting it. I'll definitely be checking them out more the next time I'm in the market for a new book! :)