January 16, 2015

Currently reading and TBR

I currently have way too many books on my to be read list and with each day passing it seems I add about five more. There are just too many great books out there that I have not had the chance to read. Being in university doesn't help because the majority of my time is taken up with classes and books for said classes. I try and fit in reading whenever I can, whether it's reading while walking to school, while taking a bath or just a few minutes before bed. It is great when you find that really good book that you just can't put down, you seem to read it faster then something you just aren't that interested in, such as my psychology textbook. I am currently sitting on a pile of about 75 book that still need to be read and if I can just stay off the booktube side of Youtube then hopefully that number will not climb that much until I have a chance to tackle it. On that note are there any books that you really enjoyed that you recommend to people? If so you should leave me a comment! I currently have a 2015 reading goal of 35 books which seems low but I figured I would go easy on myself since this is the first time I've ever set a goal for reading.

I am currently about 20% through the second book in the Red Rising trilogy - Golden Son by Pierce Brown. I am glad that I get to continue with Darrow's amazing adventure. On the down side the third book is yet to be released. 

Yesterday in the mail I received two beautiful books from the bookdepository. Ink and Rain by Amanda Sun. I was really excited to pick these two books up, both are set in Japan and as you can tell from my blog I love Japan so I am totally all for anything to do with it. The premise of these books is very interesting as well. It is about a girl who is forced to move to Japan after her mother dies, there she meets a boy whose drawings come to life whenever they are around. Sounds like my type of book and I know I will be through them very fast, sadly they aren't very long but the books themselves are absolutely beautiful. There is drawings of dragons and other Japanese type drawings all over the pages. And the covers are breath taking. 

After I devour these books, I believe I may jump into the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, I have heard nothing but AMAZING things about these books and I am excited to see what all the fuss is about!

Hopefully I will have a review of Golden Son soon to post!

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  1. The cover art for these books is stunning.

  2. Omg, I love love love the cover! It's so pretty! I hope the story is as good! I'll be on the lookout for your review! :)

    1. Aren't they beautiful, I almost feel bad opening them up in fear I may wreck them haha.