February 22, 2015


"Pemberton Academy is not just a school, it’s a gathering place for the children of the future that are afflicted with Temporal Displacement and Telepathy; in short, time travelers and mind readers who have been diagnosed with this “disease.” The Academy is not all as it seems after an explosion nearly takes one of its classmates, but not before Carter Gabel rescues her by using an unknown symptom related to his described illness. An unsanctioned group called the Program begins taking notice as the two classmates exhibit stronger abilities when they are together. Carter's sense of reality begins to unwind as he learns more about his estranged father's involvement with it all. 
Carter will have to overcome the past of his father leaving, the present of an unknown adversary hunting him down and a future that seems to change with each decision he makes. He will have to learn who to trust out of the people in his life if he wants to conquer the looming notion that the government may be hunting him down because of his developing abilities" - goodreads.com

This book was given to me by the author for an honest review

A Time to Reap follows a boy named Carter who can leap through time but sadly can not control when or where he leaps, leaving every time a complete surprise. On top of that, he loses his clothes every time he leaps. Carter very quickly starts to learn that there are talents he has that he didn't know about and he soon learns with the help of his mother, a man named David and a girl named Mo, just how powerful he is, and how to control it. Soon Carter and Mo realizes that they are wanted by a group of people who see their talents as a threat, and this is when the fun begins.

Jonas Lee did an amazing job with this book, it was extremely funny and keeps you well entertained. There were many surprises along the way as well that had me stating "no way! Crap-sandwiches!" I really liked Carter and Mo together, the relationship they develop becomes very sweet. I enjoyed the snarkiness between them. I also really liked how there were plot twists and surprises that had me wanting to read more and more. I can't wait to read the next book in this series!

Thank you very much Jonas Lee for sending me a free ebook through the YA group on goodreads! It is an amazing book to start what looks to be an amazing series that I know many people will enjoy. I look forward to seeing what happens next to Carter and Mo!

4 out of 5 stars!!

Jonas Lee is an author making his descent from the Black Hills of South Dakota. Living in the ever-changing climate with his wife and daughter, he likes to keep his mind occupied with stories that entertain and provoke thought. A child of the 80’s, his imagination has always been rampant as thoughts of time travel, other dimensions, religion and the fight of good versus evil has always been prevalent in his stories.

His debut series is set revolving around the legend that will become Carter Gabel, a time-traveling, snarky and humorous teen who is bound to make mistakes while making you laugh. - goodreads.com


  1. Why does the blurb kind of reminds me of The Time Travellers Wife? I sure do hope it's not a reap off! :o
    Azee @ UnderCover Critique

    1. "Reap Off" LOL, that's good. The initial idea of Time Travel hit me after reading the book, but after the first page, I used my own blend of secret herbs and spices.

    2. Hahah glad you notice.
      The blurb itself didn't strike any similarity to The Time Traveler's Wife but the part where Carter "loses his clothes everytime he leaps" according to the review kind of reminds me of The Traveler's Wife.
      Anyway, poor guy. Must be hard to be losing clothes everytime. xD