February 09, 2015


I went to the library today to see what they had to offer, I've hit a small reading slump, no matter what I pick up I can't get into it. I thought if I just went and wandered around I would find something interesting to get into. That's when I came across a wall of books wrapped in brown paper with the stickers above on them. Each one states what genre the book is, other then that there is no indication of what the book is!

This is such a wonderful idea. I know they say "Never judge a book by its cover" but a beautiful cover will always draw you in! I decided to grab two of these, one fantasy fiction and the other horror. I also picked up one other book as well. 

If your library did this sort of thing, would you be interested in picking one up, even though you can't see what it is??

For the fantasy fiction book, this is what was inside.

For the horror book, this is what was inside. 
The downside to this one is, it is the second book in a series... So I have to find the first one. I don't think anyone realized. 

The last book I picked up was -

I'm really looking forward to reading all of these!

Review for Horrorstör coming soon!!

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