March 11, 2015


So I have decided to follow suit with my friend and fellow blogger Misty @ Us and Him, and do some hump day highlights each week. I will be listing 5 things every Wednesday that have made my week extra special. These will include books(obviously, lol), special people, music, etc.

So let's get started

Number 1

Let's start with a song, this is a beautiful piano melody that I fell in love with over the past couple weeks. I listen to piano melodies when I'm studying, I find it easier to concentrate, as well it blocks me from other things that easily distracts me. This is called Ambre by Nils Frahm.

Number 2

Next is an amazing application which has been a total life saver for me. It is called Grammarly, I use this app for everything, proofing my blog posts, to writing my essays for university. It's that extra step to security when it comes to spelling and grammar, I am not the best person for grammar at all!
But, best of all Grammarly is a chrome add-on as well!

Number 3

Then we have the book I finished this week, I wouldn't say it was a major highlight but it was good, I will be doing a full review on this book asap!

This cover is amazing btw.

Number 4

March 10th was my four year anniversary with my fiance. Was a pretty good day, we went out to my favourite restaurant Swiss Chalet, enjoyed a good meal and spent the evening watching House of Cards.

Not the best picture (stolen from his FB) This is Adam!

Number 5

Getting things off my chest. My last post took a lot of thought and courage to write. I was afraid I might shoot myself in the foot if I wrote it. I don't want to scare away other potential authors or publishers from asking me to review their books because of the post. The issue was bothering me for so long that I felt like I NEEDED to say something. I'm glad I did and so far have been getting a lot of positive feedback for it.

That's it for this week, I hope all of you are having an exceptional week! I should have a review up for The Haunting of the Sunshine Girl in two days!

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