March 25, 2015


I sadly haven't had any time to finish a book yet to do a review, thanks to school. But here are another hump day highlights for you! So once again I will be listing 5 things that have made my week extra special. If you want to link yours with everyone else's check out my friend and fellow bloggers site here - Misty @ Us and Him

So let's start! 

Number 1

There is only TWO weeks left of school. This is super amazing, now I know I still have exams and some final essays to hand it, but it means there is some peace ahead. I am taking summer classes, but they won't last very long. I forsee some long reading days ahead!

Number 2

My Giveaway! If you haven't checked it out, it is the post just before this one! I am giving away $20 dollars for book depository and along the way I have met some amazing people! I love getting new followers because it means I get to make new friends!

Number 3

SPRING HAS SPRUNG. I am hoping that all the horrible snow storms are over, it is getting warmer outside, and you can just smell the difference in the air. I am really excited to see no more snow and finally get some rain. I love thunderstorms. Also, the dreams of going to the beach and reading a book need to come true now!

Number 4

CHANGING MY SITE NAME. That's right, I have changed from Books Galore to Karleigh Reads. I really wanted to have a domain name that didn't end in blogspot and books galore was taken already. Thanks to the WONDERFUL Misty who helped me come up with the new name and then purchase the domain name! I am really happy with the change, and now everyone will know what I am doing on this site and who I am. I changed everything else as well including my youtube name, instagram and twitter. If you don't follow me already you should!

Number 5

Last but not least, starting on March 22nd to March 28th there is a blog tour going on for the book The Sara Chronicles. They will be at my blog on March 27th, so don't forget to check it out!!
Here is the lineup list! Make sure to check out the other blogs on the tour as well!

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That's it for this week, I hope all of you are having an exceptional week!

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