March 27, 2015


Publisher: Tate Publishing

Publication Date: December 18, 2012

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy

Book Series: Book 1 of 6

Formats: Paperback, Kindle, iBook

Print Length: 136 pages 

Paperback Price: $9.98

Kindle Price: $6.99

iBook Price: $9.99

Imagine yourself in a place where not only your wildest, most imaginative dreams but also your worst nightmares are a living, breathing reality. One second, you’re a helpless, victimized child, and the next you can control ocean currents, produce rainstorms, and freeze lakes. Would you use your powers for good? Or would you give into the part of yourself that wants revenge and control over those who caused you pain? 
This is exactly what a young girl named Sara had to decide when she was rescued from her horrible foster parents, the Finklesteins, and taken by her new guardian, Rianna, to a realm where magic has no limits and neither do Sara’s powers. Before Sara can decide, she meets three new friends: Thomas and James, two orphaned boys her age with similar abilities, and Olie, a powerful man who helps to guide the three of them on their quest to keep this magical universe in balance. With Olie and Rianna’s help, the children’s circle of three creates a strong bond that fights against the evil forces of the realm. When they meet Braccus, an evil being who wants to disrupt the magical world the children have come to treasure, Sara, Thomas, and James know they have a dangerous road ahead of them. But they’re not alone; they soon meet another circle of three orphaned children with miraculous powers: Alice, Franklin, and Finola, and together the two circles of three create a force that will challenge even Bracus. But will these children be able to band together and save the world as they know it? Or will Bracus have his way and tear them asunder? Find out in Laura Hughes’s fast-paced and adventurous story, “The Sara Chronicles: The Beginning – Book One.”

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My Review
I was offered this book for an honest review and to be part of the blog tour. I found this book to be a very nice short read. The author was very detailed in world building making it easy to follow, and was easy to picture each scene. Sara sort of reminded me on Harry Potter, being placed in a terrible home and being used and treated like Cinderella, but even though she had a terrible up bringing nothing broke her spirit. She was loving and kind and up to help everyone around her. Soon Sara learns that she is part of something huge and has powers! Meeting two other children along the way who also have powers and are meant to help save this amazing fantasy world. This book does a great job of creating a fantasy based story of good vs evil. The book read more of a middle grade then a young adult but it didn't deter me from enjoying it at all. I look forward to following Sara through her journeys! Thank you for giving me the chance to read this fantastic novel!

4 our of 5 Stars!!

Registered nurse by day – author, by night – I am an enthusiastic teller of tales. Most of my time off from my day job is spent running, working out, and thinking of new stories to tell. I love writing so much that I have written six complete books in five years with the seventh halfway finished. Notebook after notebook is filled with ideas for my characters and tales I want to start. Each book is like a movie playing in my head that I am just dying to share with others.

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