May 22, 2015


by Laura Maisano
Summary -
Art therapy hasn’t done squat for Gabe Jones. A thousand sketches of his fiancée can’t bring his memory, or her, back to him. Nothing on Earth can. His past lies in another dimension, a world just out of sight.
Another student on campus, Lea Huckley, unknowingly shares Gabe’s obsession with the fourth dimension. The monsters from the other side attacked her parents and fled, getting her folks locked up in the loony bin. Proving this other world exists is the only way to free them. Lea and Gabe strike a deal to help each other, and together they manage to open a door to the world of Gabe’s true origin. She’d use him for proof—if she didn’t already care too much.
While Gabe tries to reconcile his feelings for Lea and his rediscovered memories of his fiancée, a much more sinister plot unravels. He uncovers his history just in time to become the unwilling lynchpin in a conspiracy to start a war. His memory holds the secret to the final riddle the would-be conqueror needs to get the upper hand. Gabe must protect the riddle at all costs, even if that means leaving Earth, and Lea, behind forever.


I received this book for free from the author for an honest review.

From reading the summary I had really high hopes for this book, it sounded really interesting and something that I would really get into to, which I did for the first couple chapters but then it started to go down hill from there, sadly. I loved the idea of another world, just out of reach, just out of sight, but this book just didn't grab me the way I expected it would.

I felt like the main characters were just to go with the flow "oh there's another world, that's cool, totally normal" or when Gabe learns where his "fiance" was "oh you were abducted by aliens, totally normal happens all the time, lets go out for food". (by the way these are not quotes from the book, this is how I took their personalities and how they handled the situations in front of them). These things aren't everyday normal things and I just think the characters should have acted accordingly. Been a bit more skeptical.

Also, the relationships were a bit weird as well. If I had just met someone, I wouldn't be knocking on their door all the time to hang out or tell them all my secrets. I felt like they were forced which was awkward.

Laura did a great job with world building, and explaining the details of the other world so that I have no problem picturing it in my head, I just felt that so much more could have been done with the story.

By the end, I wasn't sure how I felt about the book, and sadly I don't think I would be picking up the second one if I had it.

I do appreciate the chance of being able to read this one though!

There are a lot of great reviews on goodreads for this book, so make sure to check them out.

2.5 out of 5 stars!!

Laura has an MA in Technical writing and is a Senior Editor at Anaiah Press for their YA/NA Christian Fiction. She’s excited to release her debut YA Urban Fantasy SCHISM April 28, 2015, and during the wait, she’s working on the sequel UNITY.

Her gamer husband and amazing daughter give support and inspiration every day. Their cats, Talyn and Moya, provide entertainment through living room battles and phantom-dust-mote hunting. Somehow, they all manage to survive living in Texas where it is hotter than any human being should have to endure. Check out her blog at

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