May 24, 2015

Weekly Wrapup

I'm going to try and write one blog a week wrapping up my reading for that week!

So this week I did a lot of reading for school. I was taking the Myths of Love, Sex, and Marriage, so there was a lot of reading required for the course. It was only 2 weeks long and ended on Saturday. I didn't really enjoy it, but it's all done now. I am also reading a lot for my History course that I am taking as well. I really enjoy History, so I don't mind the readings.

This week I started An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. I am over half way through it and quite enjoying the book. I also read a few indie books and currently wrapping up on called Leya by Bonnie Ferrante. Now this one I have some issues with, but I will be putting up a full review soon!

Other then that it's been a pretty simple week. I still attend classes, which is nice because I enjoy the routine. The weather is starting to get warm again, and I get to sleep in every day, so no complaining there!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday, I wish I could have gone and seen him but living 20 hours away is hard!

I did some book shopping (twice) this week, and plan on picking up one more on Tuesday. The next months releases are highly anticipated for me. It's going to be a good month, I'm super excited. I will be doing another book haul video as well!

I hope you all had a fantastic week, and enjoying your weekend, or long weekend for my American friends.

Keep reading!

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