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All the time without fail people always ask me "Why Japan?!", why would I want to dedicate my entire learning process to just live in Japan? Why not Japan? You know when you find that one thing that you want to learn everything about, it gives you chills when you hear about it, your heart flutters when you think about it. I sound like a teenager talking about some boy band. But in all honesty Japan has been my everything for quite some time. I can sit here and read everything there is to know about it, watch all the youtube videos on it, and [attempt] to learn the language. The thought of living and teaching in Japan has given my life more purpose, I have something to work for, something to look forward to, something to keep me driven in school. Japan has really helped with my depression as well as crazy as that sounds. You may be thinking I am putting a lot on Japan's back and might be let down. I've thought of that too but in all honesty I don't think that will happen. My heart lies in traveling and I could see myself growing into a new person, a better person finally living my dream of being in Japan. Japan is an amazing place. They are more technologically advanced while still surrounded with such amazing historical artifacts.
For example you have Tokyo, the center of it all. Fast paced, tech savvy, the capital and one of the 47 prefectures of Japan.
Tokyo houses Akihabara [Ah-key-ha-ba-ra] which is packed full of electronic stores. Akihabara is your one stop shop for anything anime and manga. This place is defiantly one of the first places I will visit when I go to Japan.

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Shibuya [she-boo-ya] is also in Tokyo. I'm sure you have heard of the harajuku girls, made very popular by Gwen Stefani. While Shibuya houses one of the very popular fashion streets full of harajuku girls dressed up in full 'kawaii' clothing walking the street outside the many stores full of amazing cute girly fashion stores. Shibuya is also very famous for the scramble crossing, where 10 lanes of vehicles stop and five major crosswalks converge, it is said that as many as 2500 people will cross with each rush hour stop.

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Then travel 5 hours and you have Kyoto [key-oh-toe] full of Japanese tradition from shrines to the golden pavilion called Kinkakuji, to beautiful parks, zen gardens and so much more. 
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Japan has so much to offer, tradition, religion, culture, technology, food. No matter how you look at it there is something for everyone. As I learn more and more I will be updating this as well as making blog posts. I love everything that I have learned so far about Japan and so eager to learn everything I can. I have never come across anything that I didn't like. I am hoping to one day make a youtube channel and become an official J-vlogger but until then hopes and dreams are all I have! One thing is for sure, I absolutely, without a doubt am inlove with Japan.

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  1. I also really want to visit Japan - in particular Tokyo. It's on the top of my list, now I just need to save my pennies and take the plunge. It's truly a beautiful, amazing and unique place. Definitely share your love.