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Welcome to my book review blog!

My name is Karleigh and I am a 28-year-old full-time University student in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I am currently working hard towards a double bachelors in History and Education. I am hoping to teach English overseas, or anywhere rather. With my blog, I make booktube videos on youtube under the same name - Karleighreads. I share my life with my fiance, Adam, we have been engaged since Sept 10th 2013, hoping to completely tie the knot after University. Adam and I met online. We are both pretty big gamers and spent our fair share in the Azeroth(World of Warcraft). My mother use to tell me I would never meet anyone playing those online games, well I proved her wrong haha. We have two hyperactive furbabies named Arthas and Illidan. 

Adam and I got our dogs the first summer we were together. Both named after characters in World of Warcraft seemed fitting. Arthas is our golden retriever while Illidan is a sheltie. Both of them are three years old with Illidan being only three months older than Arthas. Both very loving dogs but completely different in every way. Arthas being a full blow true dog, he LOVES playing fetch, swimming and getting into literally everything. Illidan, on the other hand, is our little princess and I'm sure part cat. He hides under beds, sleeps on the top of couches, hates any kind of toy and will scream bloody murder if you try and take him into the water. Illidan also has deadly breath, Adam's friends have all named him pestilence because of it. But I love my dogs very much, they are the world to me. This is as close to children I will ever have so I love them just the same.

I have always been a big reader, but since January 2015 it has really picked up. I started using Goodreads religiously and started to make some really good friends who were reading the same books as me. I accumulated many likes on my reviews and figured I would turn my personal blog into a book review blog. I have what I believe is a good mix of books on my shelves, I usually reach for post -apocalyptic, horror, high fantasy, sci-fi, and most importantly dystopian. Reading books for me has helped my moods a lot. Being someone who has bad depression, being able to shut off my mind and immerse myself into my books is great. Reading has completely taken over my gaming, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I tend to stay away from contemporary books, anything with romance in it just doesn't seem to interest me at all. I would rather have a good fight scene. AND ZOMBIES, MORE ZOMBIES.

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